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Oak Bay Beach Hotel Art collection: Lesley Finlayson

Oak Bay Beach Hotel Art collection: Lesley Finlayson

New Art Collection, November 2020

Winchester Galleries is pleased to announce a new art exhibition at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel in November 2020 composed of works by local artist Lesley Finlayson. Finlayson’s enchanting works depict the diverse natural beauty of Canada’s West Coast.
Spending time surrounded by the natural landscapes of Vancouver Island allows Finlayson to fully experience the elegance of the scenery that she portrays in her works. Finlayson begins her artistic process by creating drawings while she is outdoors. While working in her Victoria studio, she alters her paintings from memory and with the help of her drawings, but without the use of photographs. Although Finlayson begins her works on-site, she does not aim to create realistic depictions of the natural environment. Rather, she strives to achieve somewhat abstract, elegant interpretations of her surroundings through her use of colour, light, and texture.