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Plein-Air Painting: A Holistic Technique


Originally a French phrase, to paint “en plein air” is to paint outdoors. In English, the phrase translates literally to “in the open air” [1]. While painting outdoors has been a common practice for hundreds of years, the specific term “plein air” was first categorized as an art form by the French Impressionists [2].

David Robinson: A Humanist Realist Sculptor

Vancouver-based artist David Robinson studied at Langara College and then at the Ontario College of Art where he became an Honours Graduate in the Sculpture Program. Robinson uses mixed media to create his works. His pieces often include psychological and mythological themes to illustrate the complex nature of human life. He skilfully embeds symbols and imagery so that these themes are accessible to his audience.

Abstract Colour-Field Painting


Abstract colour field painting is recognized as one of the two major components of the Abstract Expressionism of the 20th century. Paintings created using colour field are typically large pieces on canvas. They traditionally have very simple features and are devoid of excessive detail.

David Ellingsen: Merging Photography and Environmentalism



Canadian photographer David Ellingsen has captured important themes in his work over the years. In his work, he primarily focuses on environmental themes such as climate, biodiversity loss, and deforestation.

Amid the Pandemic, Arts Events Continue to Bring Joy

While the pandemic has made large gatherings nearly impossible, arts organizations—including the Winchester Galleries—have gotten creative with how they execute events so that community members can continue to engage with the art they treasure.