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David Robinson

Vancouver-based artist David Robinson studied at Langara College and then at the Ontario College of Art where he became an Honours Graduate in the Sculpture Program. Robinson uses mixed media to create his works. His pieces often include psychological and mythological themes to illustrate the complex nature of human life. He skillfully embeds symbols and imagery so that they are accessible to his audience.

Over the course of his career, Robinson has been featured in both solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally. His works are featured in establishments such as the Four Seasons Hotel Resort in Whistler, Painted Rock Estate Winery, and Vancouver General Hospital.

Winchester Galleries is proud to represent David Robinson starting in December 2020. Robinson’s evocative sculptures are exquisite additions to the gallery’s collection.


"The function of gravity as both fact and metaphor is the central paradox of the sculptor’s creative process. Under the sway of this aesthetic confluence, the objective viewer of a figure in space becomes implicated into the microcosm of the artwork by means of a kind of metaphorical vertigo.  This visceral response is the essential persuasive mechanism of the medium of sculpture.”

-David Robinson


silver, bronze, lead, and steel
16.25 x 6.25 x 6.25 inches